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We offer a variety of finishes, each tailored to the specific requirements of your area. Whether it's the spill-resistant Hybrid, which combines the finest features of systems from across the world to create a lovely mid-sheen finish that's ideal for your house or café.

The Mechanical is a well-known system for its dry-area endurance, making it ideal for offices and retail businesses. Are you looking for a way to spruce up your outside space? The Urban Floors Outdoor Hybrid system is a safe bet for a tidy and natural-looking outdoor floor that is also foot-friendly i.e, Concrete flooring perth.

Eco-Industrial, a no-stone industrial style that is not only one of the most environmentally friendly floor treatments but also one of the most cost-effective, can be customized to suit the genre of your area. Rustic is a random stone exposed finish that reveals the flavors of the stones within, creating a stunning and one-of-a-kind floor finish. Classic, a totally exposed treatment that highlights the inherent brilliance of the stones for a stunning and elegant result.


Polished concrete is a striking and fashionable addition to any commercial, industrial, or residential building. This flexible flooring option is well-known for its durability and adaptability. Imagine having grout-free, low-maintenance, stain- and scratch-resistant floors!

Polished concrete is not only durable, but it is also energy efficient, hypoallergenic, and certain to improve the look of your house or business. There's no denying that Concrete flooring perth are an excellent choice for our location climate.

We are Concrete polishing perth specialists at Designer Floors. We take pleasure in providing the finest level of service and attention to detail. Please contact us for a no-obligation estimate and to discuss which polished concrete style is ideal for you.

Best Concrete Flooring Services in Perth

One of the more popular types of flooring is concrete. Whether it be a polished Concrete flooring perth or a rough, natural-looking one, it can be a very attractive and rich-looking addition to your home. However, there are some drawbacks to this type of flooring that must be considered before selecting it for your property.home.

How Can Concrete Be Damaged?

Concrete flooring perth can be damaged in a number of ways. The most common is water damage. Many older homes have leaky places where water can seep around the concrete slab and get into the wood underneath. Water damage done to the flooring is only one form of damage that this type of flooring may face. Heat damage is also a potential threat for Concrete flooring perth, especially if the floor is in direct contact with an open flame or open fire pit. This type of heating can cause thermal expansion and contraction which will ultimately lead to cracks along the edges of your concrete slab.

Best Concrete Polishing Services in Perth

When often, a building is finished, it leaves behind an ugly patch of concrete on the ground. The final step in the process is to polish this area and seal it to prevent water damage. Polishing could be done by hand but this would take an enormous amount of time and effort, so many people choose to use power tools like rotary discs or industrial belts instead for a faster job. But using these tools can damage the surface of the Concrete polishing perth if not properly used or used in combination with poor quality products and therefore has a negative impact on its aesthetic value as well as durability.

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