Concrete Patios Perth

Concrete patios

Concrete patios serve as gathering zone for lounging and entertainment and allow the homeowner to blend interior and exterior living space, decorating your background with a concrete patio is a sure investment that will provide many years of service. There is a variety of materials used in making patios in Perth but despite facing lots of competition from other patio types a survey by the National Association of Homebuilders in 2012 puts concrete patios as one of the most used for home design.

Several factors determine how much the installation cost, one of the largest factors is the size of the area.

Most homeowners dislike the sight of the plain boring traditional concrete, so they go for the stamped concrete. The stamped concrete contains the same base materials, but the difference is the colour and pattern. The average cost of the stamped concrete is between $10 to $15 per square foot that doesn't include the cost of some dirt work which might come up depending on the location.

You will spend a huge fraction of your spare time on the patio with family and friends. Some ways to add fun to the design of your patio is by colouring the concrete which includes colour hardeners, liquid release agents, basic colours, and dyes. Also, the surface of the concrete can be stamped to mimic stones, bricks or other materials.

Concrete patios are highly durable, low maintenance and adaptable to any style which makes it an excellent paving choice for patios, it is perfect for warmer climates like western Australia that do not experience the extreme freeze of the northern states, this is because freezing leads to cracking of concrete.