Concrete Resurfacing Perth

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is used to renew old and worn out concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios at a lesser amount than tearing out and replacing the old concrete slabs. There are a couple of real resurfacing experts you can hire in Perth without having to break the bank.

Concrete resurfacing is the process of adding a thin layer of concrete over an existing concrete surface. Conventionally, old concretes with cracks, surface discoloration, and rough surfaces must be removed to improve the look of the concrete but that is no more the case. Pouring a fresh coat of concrete over an old one is not going to work as a result will come out looking even worse, some steps taken to ensure that the new concrete will be able to bind with the old one and produce the elegant brand new look are:

Power wash the surface of the concrete and removing all dirt and loose soil from it

Repair the cracks on the concrete surface and patching with polymer concrete

Repair holes by filling with epoxy mortar

contour the concrete to give it enough grab to bond with resurfacing bond coat

Concrete resurfacing costs about $50 per square meter plus the cost of the concrete, repairs like surface preparation, cleaning and crack repair, and other necessary work outside of the scope of the resurfacing can increase the price up to $100 per square meter. Every job has its peculiarities, so the surest way to find out is by getting in touch with the contractors in Perth and compare their prices. There are lots of creative ways to carry out concrete resurfacing, some of them include:

Staining: This adds colour and brings new life to old concrete, staining can is done on existing concrete or concrete overlays, and it works very well in conjunction with stamped concrete

Stencils and border: This is used to stylise existing concrete by adding colour and personality.

Stamped textured concrete: This a creative and very affordable option, it can be used to replicate the look of stone, tiles and even wood

Concrete overlays: This is the application of a thin layer of cement or modified polymer over existing concrete to upgrade the appearance of the concrete surface.

A modern concrete resurfacing option is the spray on concrete resurfacing, and it requires little or no professional experience to provide an outstanding result. The spray on is applied with a special paint gun and emits so thin that it does not change the feel of the concrete, it also provides a decorative slip-resistant finish.